Your Mission:
Club Couture

(FOR 4)

Make or buy your Joy Club uniform.
Make the shirtjacket, with sash and matching beret, in a color as close to Joy Club Green as possible, using the shirtjacket pattern your club has chosen, or buy the shirtjacket that your club has chosen at a particular shop or store.  
(A few Sash and Beret patterns are linked here for your convenience.)



The Yarn Lover's Room

Sew Modest


Club Couture 
(FOR 4X)

Make your uniform, as well as the uniforms
for at least 2 other Joy Club members in your club.

Until such time as the Joy Clubs grow numerous enough to make practical the mass-production of custom-made Joy Club uniforms, uniforms will need to be hand-made or bought off the rack.  Each member may create her uniform following directions in the Fortitude Project: 
"Club Couture" (FOR 4)