A Glossary of Garden Terms
"Seed" ..."The Seed is the Word of God." (Luke 8:11)

"Plant this Seed",
means, Put to Memory, Hide in Your Heart.

"Water this Seed", means, Read and Remember.

"Water your Garden", means, To Read God's Word; be                                            Washed in the Water of the Word.

"Water", is God's Word, Jesus (The Living Water)

1. To Prepare and Use for Growing
2. To Grow Plants or Crops from Seeds or Bulbs
3. To Break up the Surface of the Soil Around          Plants in Order to Destroy Weeds, Prevent 
    Crusting, and Preserve Moisture.

"Weeds" are Sins; also known as, 'trespasses' or 'debts'.

"To Weed", means, To Repent (turn away from) Ask                                        Forgiveness, a
nd Trust Jesus to Forgive
Any Known Sin or Trespass.

, means, To have a time of rest and abiding in the Holy
                Spirit and in the Word.

"Plant Food"
, means, the Comfort, Power, and Truth of the Holy Spirit.

"To Feed Your Garden", means, To Walk in the Spirit, as you                 Live in the Spirit, receiving the "plant food" of His
                Comfort, Power, and Truth.

"The Sun", is Jesus

"Soil", is The Believer, the Heart of the Believer.

"Garden Pests", are Satan, Demons, etc.; also, Fleshly Desires,                                   Worldliness, etc.