Great Links to Websites Carrying Books that
Tell the Truth About
Our American
Christian Heritage
Some of the Many
Great Books Revealing
the Minds and Intent of
Our Founding Fathers

The King James Version
of The Holy Bible
(Handbook of the
Founding Fathers)

Original Intent
by David Barton
Documents in the Founding Fathers' own words; the original plan for limited government, as set forth in the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

The Spiritual Heritage Tour of the U.S. Capitol
by David Barton

What They Believed
by Dr. James Kennedy
The faith of
Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

One Nation Under God: Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Founding of America
by Dr. David C. Gibbs, Jr.

God Bless America
Past Presidents and Leaders

God's Absolute Best For You
by Dr. D. James Kennedy

America Adrift
by Jim Nelson Black

America Restored
by John Barber

The Pledge of Alliegence
by John Hudson Tiner

America's Real War
by Rabbi Daniel Lapin

America's Heritage
by Gary DeMar

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States

The Federalist Papers
by James Madison, John Jay,
and Alexander Hamilton

Democracy in America
by Alexis de Toqueville
Volume 1 and Volume 2 at:

A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States
and also
Commentaries on the Constitution
of the United States
by Justice Joseph Story