Soldier of God

A new life...a different life...
There's something in the air:
What it is, I'm not quite sure,
But I will follow Him there.

Always pressing onward,
Yes, onward toward the mark;
There' re always new adventures,
With life changed to light from dark.

I'm living in a new place,
At peace in God's repose;
I'm where I must always stay,
To repel the charging foes.

For we are in a battle;
Who knows for how long.
In resisting the enemy,
God will help me to stand strong.

I never thought soldiering
Would be life's job for me;
But with Jesus in command,
No better life could there be.

He is a mighty general;
He is the Lord of Hosts;
His side assured the victory,
Although I should not boast.

The outcome was preordained,
By God's own mighty hand;
The side of His great army,
Shall inherit all the land.

So with nothing else to fear,
I walk with faith today;
Taking the time for prayer
and praise
Of the Truth, the Life, the Way.