Make a
Pretty Flower Press

1.  Wearing protective goggles, cut 2 squares about 6 X 6" out of
3/16" thick wood
2.  Drill matching holes in the 4 corners of both pieces of wood, using a 1/4" bit
3.  Round edges of corners with
sandpaper or sander
4.   Paint, decorate, and
varnish the
top of one piece 
of wood

Cut corrugated cardboard
and blotting paper into 6 X 6" sheets,
cutting off all corners.
You will layer your flowers and plants between the  two pieces of wood as follows:
layer of corrugated cardboard;
layer of blotting paper;
layer of plants or flowers;
layer of blotting paper;
layer of corrugated cardboard.
Repeat til press is full.

Secure press with 4,
3" tall X 2/16" screws,
4 washers, and 4 wing nuts
of matching size
to the screws
this project is recommended for those familiar with tool and power tool use and safety
Spring Fun Tip 5